Основаны на FreeBSD

FreeBSD has also spawned a number of related open source projects:

  • BSD Router - A FreeBSD based replacement for large enterprise routers designed to run on standard PC hardware.
  • FreeNAS - A customized FreeBSD designed to be used as a network file server appliance. Provides a python based web interface to simplify the management of both the UFS and ZFS file systems. Includes support for NFS, SMB/CIFS, AFP, FTP, and iSCSI. Includes an extensible plugin system based on FreeBSD jails.
  • GhostBSD - A desktop oriented distribution of FreeBSD bundled with the Gnome desktop environment.
  • mfsBSD - A toolkit for building a FreeBSD system image that runs entirely from memory.
  • NAS4Free - A file server distribution based on FreeBSD with a PHP powered web interface.
  • PC-BSD - A customized version of FreeBSD geared towards desktop users with graphical utilities to exposing the power of FreeBSD to all users. Designed to ease the transition of Windows and OS X users.
  • pfSense - A firewall distribution based on FreeBSD with a huge array of features and extensive IPv6 support.
  • m0n0wall - A stripped down version of FreeBSD bundled with a web server and PHP. Designed as an embedded firewall appliance with a footprint of less than 12 MB.
  • ZRouter - An open source alternative firmware for embedded devices based on FreeBSD. Designed to replace the proprietary firmware on off-the-shelf routers.

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